Designing Signage for your business: 5 Things to know…

Signage is an important part of building awareness for your business. There are literally hundreds of tips and tricks that can change your signage from a logo outside your business to a marketing tool that promotes your business and drives new business to your doorstep.

At Signarama, we’ve made signage our business and grown into South Africa’s largest network of Signage experts across the country. We thought we’d share our Top 5 tips for designing signage for your business so that it delivers real return on investment.


  • Understand your signs environment:

Understanding where your sign is going to be seen is an important part of guiding the design of the signage for maximum exposure. Ask yourself a few key questions, like ‘Where is the sign going to be located?’, ‘Does the sign need to be seen in the dark?’, ‘What other signs are around?’


You want to choose the right type of signage for the environment. It may be that you need an Illuminated sign if your sign needs to be seen at night or is cluttered by many other signs.


Understand the influencing factors and then research the various signage options available to find the one that is going to perform best in that environment.


  • Create some contrast:

One of the main pieces of design advice to making signage work for your business, is to think about ways to make an impact with the sign.


Create contrast by using striking colours for various aspects of your signage, from the background to certain letters or words in your message. Changing colours or character size can help certain key concepts stick out and become eye-catching (think about the words ‘Sale’, ‘Discount’, ‘Quality’…)


Also tie this into the factors affecting your sign from the environment and how you can use contrast to make your signs stand out more.


  • Don’t underestimate Simplicity:

Many signs have a limited amount of time in front of potential customer’s eyes. They have to convey their message and ‘sell’ within a few seconds to be effective.


Make your message as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean your sign can’t leave an impression OR still be thought provoking AFTER potential customers have seen the sign but does mean that the message should be simple enough to read and consume in a short amount of time.


Always simplify and shorten and keep your signage design Simple.



  • Remember the FONT:

FONT is a useful element in creating contrast in your signage design, but the FONT used throughout is important for readability and impact.


Choosing the wrong FONT can result in passers-by straining to read your message, battling to understand the sell-point and completely ruin your signs chance of attracting business to your front door.


Don’t use Cursive or FONT that is too small to be read from a reasonable distance or passing speed. Stay away from lesser known FONTS and use BOLD and ITALICS to accentuate important words and key terms.


  • Composition and Space:

There is an entire science dedicated to the use of composition and space in design to achieve a specific result. Composition and negative space is used to draw a person’s eye’s to a specific area (or make sure they don’t focus on a specific area).


Consider using design elements like composition and negative space to create a sign that directs the eye to your store, or away from other competitors.


There are many more elements that can make your business signage a success, so make your signage part of your business marketing plan (and not just a logo outside your business) by speaking with your nearest Signarama signage expert about the design of your next business sign.

Light your brand up with Illuminated Signage.

One of the most effective type of signage available to businesses looking for extra impact for their brands, shop fronts and promotions are illuminated signage boxes and Electronic Digital Signage (EDS).

These electronic signage options give businesses the ability to outshine competitors by being visible at night time and having the option of changing colours.

Illuminated signs make a real impact where stores are close together and signage clutter is a real problem. South Africa has a mall or shopping centre around every corner, and an illuminated sign attracts foot traffic to your store much more effectively than a regular store sign.

Illuminated signs are also fantastic for promoting sales and specials, and upcoming events. When the success of your event or promotion relies on attracting the masses, having an eye-catching, colourful illuminated sign can mean the difference between success and empty seats.

Signarama is South Africa’s #1 signage company, with branches nationwide. Get in touch with your local store today and speak to your very own signage consultant. We can show you how an illuminated sign can put the spotlight on your business.

The Business of Branding

Signage and Branding is the most economical way for businesses to attract new customers. Over 50% of trade show and foot traffic from outside a business are generated by signage, and we have the perfect combination of expert advice and signs to get any businesses brand out there.

There are loads of different types of signage each with their own benefits and selling pints. From permanent structures like pylon signs that are all weather purpose and long lasting, to mobile banners and teardrops that can be used in various location and events.

Try our Tips and Tricks and Signage Buyers guides for inspiration into the world of signage. We have some great ideas on how to make your marketing budget stretch and work for you as well as ideas on how to use signage to transform your marketing.

So whether you’re looking for banners, vehicle decals, store front signs, pylons or specialist signs like receptional and directional signs, there’s a Signarama near you with a specialist waiting to advise you on your signage needs.


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